What is Open Source Collective?
Open Source Collective is a non-profit working for the common interests of those who create and use open-source software, bringing open source philosophy and values to collectives' financial management.
Companies get huge value from open source. But up to now, it’s been hard to give back financially unless a project formed its own foundation. Now they don’t have to.
Open Source Collective is a non-profit umbrella organisation providing financial and legal infrastructure for thousands of open source projects. We’re an API between the world of distributed collaboration and the world of accounting and invoices.

For Maintainers

Stay focused on your project — let us take care of all the accounting, taxes, invoices, and admin. You decide where the money gets spent, then we make it happen. Plus, your budget will be fully transparent to your community.

For Sponsors

Help the open source projects you rely on thrive. Get recognition with your logo on the project’s page. Along with providing invoices, we can meet your accounting and legal requirements and engage with your vendor systems.

What We Offer

Open source, but for money

We believe that money can complement other incentives to contribute to open source software.
We believe that by adopting the practices we use in open software development to financial management we gain the same benefits and incorporate the same values.


Being an open source maintainer shouldn’t mean you have to worry about bank transfers, tax filings, contracts and legal issues. We help you to focus on the work you love to do rather than the work you have to do.

Representation and unity

With over 3,000 registered projects we are one of the largest fiscal host organizations in the world. We are here to represent you, your community and the broader ‘open source’ movement in the conversations that impact us and our work.

Networks and cooperation

We provide forums to learn from one another, to help one another and to work to solve the challenges that our community faces. We do this through events, forums, debate and mentorship.

How We Think

People are more important than code

Open source software is a byproduct of active communities working toward a common goal. We prioritize the needs of people first.

One size does not fit all

Open Source Collective does not impose a structure, a process or a statute on you and your community.

Strength lies in community

That said, we do believe that strength comes from broad and diverse community-centered approaches. We encourage members to think about distributing their responsibilities and building communities

Solving problems together

We are a community of communities and we believe that we can address many of the problems we face by working together. Where possible we try to solve problems from within and we try to benefit all members in our approaches.
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