So you've been approved. What next?
Once you apply to join Open Source Collective and receive an approval email from us, you can immediately get started with managing your collective on Open Collective. 🎉

Open Collective

  • Open Collective Inc. is the platform that OSC operates on.
    • Open Collective has their own homepage, budget, and documentation. These docs you're currently reading are a pared down version to relay information that is specific to OSC.
  • OSC (Open Source Collective) is an open source focused fiscal host who uses the Open Collective platform
For an overview of using the Open Collective platform, check out their documentation. It has a ton of great information about features like the transparent budget, customizing an collective profile, tiers, goals, and other tools now at your disposal.
✅ Their Quick Start Guide is another great place to start.

Receiving Funds

Our documentation includes information for how people can contribute to your collective: Feel free to share this Financial Contributions overview with your contributors!
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