Case Studies


“Our annual budget is now over $400,000. We don’t want the success we’ve had to be a unique story. So we’re doing what we can to get other maintainers excited about making their projects well-funded.” Read More →


“Financial support through our Collective has made it possible for me to work on open source full time for over a year now. Babel, like many open source projects, is used by thousands of companies. More of them should step up.” Read More →


“Open Collective gives us access to a diverse talent pool that would be impossible to build internally. I think of it as having expertise on retainer. I can support a project without necessarily hiring the authors or micromanaging everything they do.” Read More →


“Until recently, you had to either create an LLC, or you had to pay for everything yourself. We have another option now. Our Open Collective operates like a semi-autonomous company, but without the bureaucracy.” Read More →
“We’ve donated a significant amount of our profit to open source. It makes sense to fund projects that support our business. We’re getting huge value from not needing to write all our own custom software.” Read More →
Samsung Next disbursed grants with zero hassle, in full transparency—to teams working on decentralized, open, non-commercial projects, without existing legal entities or bank accounts. It could have been a funder’s nightmare, but Open Source Collective made it easy. Read More →
“As a typical open source project, we don’t have a paid licensing model, but we needed to raise money to catch issues falling between the cracks. Our users have a vested interest in this project being sustainable, and I have to make my own livelihood sustainable, too.“ Read More →
“I just decided to go for it. It took 5 minutes to set up, and within a couple days I had several backers. Our Collective budget gives us the ability to promote our work, pay for hosting, get stickers printed, and helps with travel to conferences.” Read More →


“Funding bounties motivates people to work on the parts of the project we want to push forward, and helps critical issues to be solved quicker. It allows us to give something back for the hard work of contributors, and I find that wonderful.” Read More →


“Financial support brings an increased level of stability and trust. People don’t have to worry about the project imploding. We have the resources to fix bugs, land new features, and do hard work that needs to be done.“ Read More →