Virtual Cards

Credit or debit cards, linked to your Collective's balance

We have temporarily stopped our virtual cards program, if you need help or have a request regarding a virtual card please reach out to Our announcement on virtual cards.

Virtual Cards can be issued to hosted Collectives for paying recurring payments, bills, online resources and tools, subscriptions, vendors (e.g. hosting providers), etc.

How it works

  • Funds are spent only as transactions occur. - Setting up a card does not remove any money from your Collective's budget.

  • Submit a virtual card request (click 'Actions' > 'request virtual card on your Collective's page) with the intended use of the card and the amount budgeted for that monthly. The virtual card with that limit will be set up for your collective.

  • If, at any point, your collective needs a higher limit on your virtual card, please request a limit increase by contacting us at with the intended use and the amount increase needed.

  • Cards must be used in compliance with our policy below.

  • Each collective can have one virtual card.

Requirements / Policy:

  • These are virtual cards. No physical card will be issued, so these cannot be used in-store.

  • Receipts must be submitted within 30 days. If a receipt is not submitted within 30 days, the card access will be paused until you do submit the receipt

    • The card's Assignee is responsible for collecting and uploading the receipts.

  • All transactions should comply with normal usage of Collective funds as outlined in our Terms of Fiscal Sponsorship

Limitations and Exclusions

  • Virtual cards may not be used for paying/reimbursing people - that should be done on the OC platform.

If you need to input Cardholder contact details/address:

  • Name: Open Source Collective

  • Address: 440 N Barranca Ave #3939 Covina, CA 91723


Setup the card:

  1. Collective admins request the card

    1. Visit your Collective's page

    2. Click Actions -> Request a Card

    3. Please include vendor details and pricing details in your request (estimates are ok).


    Zoom Monthly Subscription $50/month

    Uhaul Storage Unit $500/month

    Amazon cleaning supplies $80/month

    Target Household Supplies $20/month

    Total: $650/month

2. We will assign the virtual card (please allow 2-3 working days to process your request)

3. Once assigned, the card assignee will be notified via email. The card's details will appear in the Collective's Settings for admins to use. (in accordance with this policy)

​After a purchase is made:

  1. The funds will be withdrawn from your Collective

  2. An "Invitation to submit an expense" will be sent to your Collective admins

    1. Admins will be asked to submit your receipt. (If the receipt is not submitted within 30 days, the card access will be paused until you do submit the receipt).


  • Any refund to the card will be automatically credited to your collective budget.

  • OSC may proactively deactivate or adjust the balance of the card if it remains unused for an extended period of time.

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