Open Source Collective (OSC) is a non-profit working for the common interests of those who create and use open-source software.
As a nonprofit fiscal host (a.k.a. fiscal sponsor or foundation), we provide the financial and legal infrastructure for thousands of open source projects. We’re the ‘API' between the world of open source communities and the world of accounting and invoices.
OSC is a nonprofit working for common interests of those who create and use open source software.

For Maintainers

We take care of all the accounting, taxes, invoices, and administration. You decide where the money gets spent, then we make it happen. Through us you can:
  • Manage your open source project’s funds transparently
  • Receive financial contributions by credit card, PayPal, electronic bank transfer, or crypto (beta)
  • Receive funds through GitHub Sponsors
  • Receive funds from corporate supporters (we’re registered as a supplier to many corporate sponsors)
  • Register trademarks, sign contracts and legal agreements, and apply for grants
  • Pay yourself, your team, contractors, vendors, and suppliers

For Sponsors

Support the open source projects you rely on. See how projects are using their finances, engage with and stay up to date with progress, and get recognition for your contributions. Through us you can:
  • Manage all your open source support in a single place, with Open Source Collective acting as a single ‘supplier’ to your organization
  • Support projects instantly on a one-time or recurring basis using a credit card, PayPal, or electronic bank transfer
  • Hold funds with us to cover your contributions throughout the year
  • Issue gift cards to your staff, which they can then use to contribute on behalf of your organization
Talk to us about registering with your procurement team.

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