Holding Unknown Funds

What is the OSC Holding account and how do I claim unclaimed funds?
We receive funds where the intended recipient can not be identified. When this happens we put the funds in a 'holding' account (here).
The most common source of unknown funds are manual bank transfers that were sent to us without their corresponding reference number from the online order.
Another source of unknown funds comes from GitHub Sponsor payouts to collectives we don't host or who have been archived on our platform.

If you are a collective missing a payments

Check the holding account (here) to see if one of the transactions matches an amount you expected to receive. If you find one that you think is intended for your collective please contact us at [email protected]. To transfer the funds we will need the following:
  • The name and email address of the person who made the bank transfer
  • With this person, we will confirm the date of their transfer and their bank account number
Once verified, we will move the funds from the OSC holding account into the collective's account.

If we received a GitHub payout on your behalf

Please contact us at [email protected] and send us your GitHub profile. We might need to follow up with a few questions but once resolved, we will send an expense request via the platform to transfer the funds to your bank or PayPal account.