What We Offer

Open source, but for money

You shouldn’t have to take on the financial and legal overhead for your open source project. With Open Source Collective you don’t have to.
We are a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization specialising in platform-enabled, flexible, fiscal hosting for open source projects, providing communities with access to the financial and legal systems of the world. We host our projects on Open Collective, providing you with a platform for you to manage your money openly and transparently, just like your code.

Tax Compliance

We provide donors with receipts for their contributions, issue 1099s to contracted workers when required, and file annual 990’s to the IRS on behalf of all of our hosted projects.


In addition to being your legal and financial home, we:
  • Provide fundraising, budgeting and grantmaking tools
  • Integrate with GitHub Sponsors, adding your sponsors to your balance each month.
  • Register as a vendor to and invoice your corporate supporters
  • Register and hold trademarks on behalf of your project
  • Provide virtual debit cards linked to your project’s balance that you can use online


We provide support to you and your community on Open Collective. We employ staff across the globe so you’re never far away from a response on Slack or by email.

Representation and unity

With over 3,000 registered projects we are one of the largest fiscal host organizations in the world. We are here to represent you, your community and the broader ‘open source’ movement in the conversations that impact us and our work.

Networks, collaboration, and cooperation

We provide forums to learn from one another, to help one another and to work to solve the challenges that our community faces. We do this through events, forums, debate and mentorship.