Domain Transfers and Registration


Open Source Collective uses Google as our domain registrar. Transferring a domain to Google costs $15. Renewal costs will vary depending on the top-level domain. All costs are charged to your Collective.
To initiate a transfer of a domain to our registrar, please reach out to [email protected]
Transferring a domain to Open Source Collective will require you to 'unlock' the domain with your current registrar and share an authorization, transfer, EPP, or 'REG-ID' code with us.
From there we will import your current configuration and migrate the domain to our registrar.

Using a CDN

It is recommended that you use a CDN like CloudFlare to manage your domain. This enables Open Source Collective to act as the domain owner while you maintain your own domain's DNS configuration.
If you have not done so already we recommend that you set your domain's nameservers to those provided by your CDN before initiating a transfer.
Instructions to do so can be found in your CDN's documentation: CloudFlare's Documentation

Updating Nameservers

Open Source Collective will endeavor to update your domain's configuration as necessary but, as detailed above, we prefer that your organization remain in control of day-to-day configuration through a CDN provider like Cloudflare.