Closing a Collective

Reach out to us at if you have any questions or need help with this process

Additionally, if we notice a request to withdraw 90% or more of your funds, we will request approval from two collective admins. The expense approvers/receivers can not be the recipients of the funds if there are multiple collective admins.

How do I close my collective?

First, review the checklist below and note any tasks relevant to your collective.

Closing and Archiving a Collective

You will need to do the following before you can close your collective.

  1. Zero out the balance (more info here). Continue to pay invoices or reimbursements, or donate the remainder to another nonprofit.

  2. Publish a public update on the collective's page in the 'About' or 'Conversations' area to indicate the status change of the collective and where people can continue to support your project.

  3. Let donors know they should cancel recurring contributions on the Open Collective platform. This can be done through public messages, or you can download the email addresses of your donors through the admin dashboard.

Switching Fiscal Hosts

Nonprofit regulations limit OSC only to allow the bulk transfer of funds to another nonprofit entity. If you're moving to a different kind of entity, you'll need to spend your funds on expenses before leaving.

Email us at '' to start the process.

Before we can initiate the transfer, we will need you to answer the following questions:

  • Name and URL of collective

  • Name of the nonprofit entity acting as fiscal host

  • Country and/or State of registration of the nonprofit entity

  • Assets that need to be transferred e.g. monetary funds, trademarks, domains, employees

  • Full name and email address of the signatory for the collective

  • Full name and email address of the signatory for the new fiscal host

  • A copy of the new fiscal host's non-profit determination letter

    • If they are registered outside of the US, please send an equivalent letter from the country of registration

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