Policy Infringements FAQ

What is the OSC Code of Conduct?

OSC uses the general Open Collective Community Guidelines. As well, we have a Terms of Service, available here. Please take a look a them!

What if I, as an admin, lose access to my GitHub (GitLab, etc) account?

OSC holds funds on behalf of a community. Ideally, a single maintainer losing access is not a substantial event, as other admins of your collective should still have access. Please contact GitHub.

However, if you lost access as a result of internal governance breakdowns, security incidents, etc., we will freeze your account at the first instance to do our best to ensure that the money we hold on behalf of your collective stays where it is until this is resolved. You will need to resolve your governance issues and access to your accounts directly, with your code hosting provider. Once you can show that you have multiple admins who have access to your code again, please get in touch.

OSC will keep accounts frozen until all of our original terms of fiscal sponsorship are met. This can also include other incidents, such as deletion of Codes of Conduct or a severe loss of community membership (through a forking event, etc.).

The other admins have locked me out! What can OSC do?

This stinks. Please see the above comment. Email us immediately at hello@oscollective.org.

I am unable to access my original codebase, permanently. Can OSC release funds to me individually?

No. OSC holds funds on behalf of communities. We will work with you if you are able to show multiple members of your team are interested in a fork. However, OSC does not make arbitration decisions and we are not professional mediators. Please see our Terms of Fiscal Sponsorship, the Termination section, for more on how we manage funds if we decide that we have to terminate our agreement with your collective due to unresolvable issues.

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