Signing Contracts and Entering Into Legal Agreements

As the legal representative, Open Source Collective (OSC) will need to review, and likely sign, any agreement for or on behalf of the collectives we host.

For Admins of Collectives

Open Source Collective will legally be the organization entering into the contract and will be the signer on behalf of your project. Please remind the preparer to draft the contract with Open Source Collective as the signatory.

Contact OSC before entering into any contract and we will discuss the details with you and review/amend/sign on behalf of your collective.

For Financial Contributors & Sponsors

OSC is the legal and financial home of our hosted projects. If you would like to support a project or collective on behalf of your company we can:

  • Register as a vendor to your organization, issue invoices, and manage payments on your behalf.

  • Provide facilities to manage your financial contributions over the course of the year, like Funds, Prepaid Budgets, and Gift Cards to your employees that can be used to donate monies to open source collectives on OSC.

  • Issue template agreements for general or event-specific sponsorship.

Collectives can receive their GitHub Sponsor payments directly through the Open Collective platform. Read more about our partnership.

There are instances where we can not sign for you.

For example, the Apple Developer Program. Unfortunately we can not offer this to collectives. Apple's agreement would be between Apple and OSC. If there was an infraction by one collectives, it would impact all of the collectives under OSC's Apple agreement.

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