Google Summer of Code

Filling in the '2024 Google Summer of Code Organization Payment Request Form'

If you plan on participating in Google Summer of Code, please use the following information when answering the form's questions to ensure accurate invoicing and processing of payments. On the first page of the form:

  • The email address of the person responsible for accepting payment at your Organization is --

  • Does your Mentor Organization have an account with Payoneer and linked to the GSoC Program? -- Select the 'Yes' checkbox.

On the second page of the form:

  • What is the EXACT name of your account in the Payoneer system? -- Open Source Collective 501 c 6

  • What is the email address associated with this Payoneer account? --

  • If you are accepting funds for several orgs, have Linux Foundation, NumFOCUS, Open Collective, Software Freedom Conservancy, Software in the Public Interest, or another fiscal sponsor, please note it here. -- Open Source Collective

Once you have completed the form, send us an email at '' to confirm you will be participating and we can better track the payment associated with your organization.

Please reach out with any questions to ''

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