Mission, Values & Strategy

The Mission, Values and Strategy of Open Source Collective


Our mission is to promote sustainability and health in the open source ecosystem, while working to benefit all those who create and use open source software.


To create an environment where it is as rewarding and financially secure to build and maintain software for the commons as it is for corporations.


Impact: we are not a neutral platform Collectivity: we are building collective power Inclusivity: we are here for many different kinds of people Honesty: we act with integrity Transparency: we are authentically and accessibly open Privacy: we respect individual privacy Dignity: we treat others with respect Sustainability and resilience: we are here for the long haul


In January 2022 we published our strategy which included three strategic goals to help us deliver on our mission:

Taking an ecosystem-wide approach to supporting open source software Enabling projects to use their money as well as raise it Make financially contributing to open source not only a good business decision but an easy one

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